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GPS4Cam App

I look at an android/Iphone app that can imbed GPS data into photos taken with a higher quality external digital camera.

How to Geotag Photos taken with your non GPS connected camera using GPS4Cam

If you don't have a GPS module for your camera, and it's not connected to the Internet in any way, you can still easily add location data to the photo's metadata. You can easily tag your photos...

GPS4cam Pro, Pebble Smartwatch, Dropbox and Lightroom

gps4cam is software for your Android or iPhone which allows photographers to easily log GPS locations for their photographs. Using Adobe Lightroom or gps4cam's desktop software, photographs...

Using GPS4Cam With A Leica Camera

gps4cam Pro from Michael Diguet is a fantastic tool for geotagging your photographs. The beauty of this app, is that for a low price of $3.99 you can geotag photographs from any camera. More...

podcast #42 gps4cam - GPS encoding your photos

Are you looking for a simple solution to encoding the GPS location to your non-gps DSLR photos and are willing to spend $2.99 or so on a solution (and have an iPhone), then I have the answer...


Présentation de l'application gps4cam, l'application iPhone/Android qui vous permet de géolocaliser toutes vos photos facilement!

Test de gps4cam

Un petit test en situation de gps4cam qui permet de géotagguer vos photos grâce à votre iPhone.

Geotagging photos after the fact without a GPS

Frankie sent me an email asking about geotagging photographs after already captured, but without a GPS device or app running. Here's the question: “Hi. Just looked at your website. Amazing....

Geotag Photos application for iPhone & Android - Prague Trip

Geotag Photos promotion video - look, what you can do with Geotag Photos application for iPhone. Look at for more information about geotagging your photos.

Lend GPS to your camera -- unseen Apps Double click to view full screen Love the way you guys have explained. Step wise and videos. JPaul, Bermingham, UK Get ready to make the most of your iPhone or...

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