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Geotag the photos you take with your favorite digital camera. Thanks to the new gps4cam, you will never again waste your time trying to find out where you took a specific picture - from now on, all your photos will be localized! The App works with all camera brands and there is no need to synchronize manually your camera and your phone. What’s more, you can use gps4cam without connecting to a network, which is perfect for trips abroad. You can use gps4cam in 3 steps:➊ Launch gps4cam and press the ‘Start a new trip’ button.➋ At the end of your trip, press the ‘Export’ button, which will generate a 2D bar code. Take a picture of this screen with your camera➌ Upload the pictures to your mac or pc using gps4cam desktop (free download on our website). This software will automatically geotag your pictures.
✔ No need to manually synchronize the time and date of your phone and your camera✔ Share one bar code with several cameras✔ Date your photos with your phone data✔ Visualize the trip and different capture points on a map✔ Share the geotagged pictures on websites like Flickr, Picasa or Panoramio✔ Organize the geotagged pictures with software like iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom (mac & pc).✔ Works with all camera brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic✔ Geotag all the usual image formats (jpg, raw, tiff...)✔ Contextual help and instructions✔ Complete FAQ✔ Guided tour✔ Multilingual (English, French, German and Dutch)✔ GPX export
➜ Standard: one capture every 1, 5 or 10 minutes➜ Precise: one capture every 30 seconds➜ Energy saving: one capture every 30 minutes➜ Manual: Capture by shaking your phone
☆ "You could purchase a GPS peripheral for your camera or add the location information to each photo manually—or give gps4cam a try. (...) Great app." (MacLife)☆ "If you are a photographer and you have an iPhone, gps4cam is the iPhone app you need!" (☆ "Very useful iPhone app." (☆ "This app works really well and is a very good and inexpensive way to geotag all of your images." (☆ "What if you want to geotag pictures from another digital camera? Now, there is an app for that!" (☆ "Overall, it's a brilliant idea that's well executed and well priced." (